Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yielding to Grace

I see You coming at me with a shovel
Prepared to dig, ready to go deep
And I just want to run and hide, so I do

I see You coming at me with a needle
Filled with an overpowering substance
And I fear the healing like I fear the prick

I see You coming at me with a mask
It’s gas to make me rest and relax
But I turn my head to avoid the connect

I see You coming at me with a respirator
I see You coming at me with the jaws of life
I see that I’m stuck in this bent wrecked shape

I’m scared of smoke, the smell of gas, and flame
I’m scared of the noise of the machinery You use
I’m scared of the pain that could possibly infuse

But I see You coming at me with a smile
Prepared to connect Your kind eyes to mine
And I feel a softening round the edges within

I see You coming at me with a look of love
Filled with a perfect acceptance of me
And I think for a moment that the fear is gone

I see You coming at me with outstretched arms
I peer at Your hands, and they’re so big and strong
Then I melt in Your chest as You scoop me up

And I breathe a release as I loosen up
And I comfortably take in a fresh breathe of air
And I listen to Your heart as You stroke my face

And I bask in the safety and security of grace

I found this poem online. I could not find the author, but I know it was written by a student at Asbury theological seminary. It spoke to me in the way poetry often does in that a few poignant words are able to bridge the gap that chapters and chapters of reading often cannot. All week I have been studying the concept of grace. The foundation of grace is acknowledging our unworthiness and inability to do anything truly good on our own. At first glance this seems offensive to most, but as I dig deeper I begin to understand herein lies the beauty of grace. There is nothing I can ever do to earn this precious gift. It is given to me freely and completely. I am saved by grace, and I am called to live by grace.

This past week I felt like I was striving. I couldn't seem to get my head and heart around the truth there is nothing more I must do. I read this from Jerry Bridges book Transforming Grace, "God's grace is sufficient. It is sufficient for all your needs; it is sufficient regardless of the severity of any one need. The Israelites never exhausted God's supply of manna. It was always there to be gathered every day for forty years. And you will never exhaust the supply of God's grace. It will always be there for you to appropriate as much as you need for whatever your need is."

Grace for me to be patient and content. Grace for me to be gentle and loving. Grace for me to be strong and courageous. Grace for me to find peace and rest. There is more than I could ever ask or hope for.

Thank you for this amazing gift of grace. Please soften my heart to yield to grace today.

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