Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carpe Diem

I am a morning person. I love the quiet of the house before anyone else is awake. I love to drink my first cup of coffee while I pray and prepare my heart for the possibilities of the day. Waking up is not a challenge for me no matter how tired I am because of my sleep disorder. I am so ready to escape from my bed, quit the painful tossing and turning and be productive again. I honestly don't know if I could "sleep in" if given the chance.

The past three nights I have slept and slept well. This is not to say I slept through the night, but my mind has been calm, and I have fallen asleep and woke in the morning refreshed. I know many people take this for granted, the ability to crawl in bed at night and experience restorative sleep, but for me it is such a rare blessing. So, when sweet Danica began thumping her foot and cooing at 5:30am this morning I groaned. Oh, I was just settling back in for that sweet snoozing that happens after you groggily realize the soft light before the sunrise is beginning to sneak in your room and you still have plenty of time for another dream. Normally I would jump up and run in to see her sweet smiling face looking up at me. Today I pulled the covers up and hoped she might want to snooze a little longer too. But, no such luck. She began thumping her foot harder which is her way to tell me she is REALLY ready to get up. (She is just too sweet to cry or fuss.) So, I pulled myself out of bed to feed my little "Thumper" and begin my morning rituals which bring me so much comfort.

Thank you for these few nights of real rest bringing me so much clarity and physical strength. Help me to seize every moment of this precious day, another gift from You.

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