Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

Yesterday I took both of the girls for a quick trip to Target. It was raining just a little when we went in to the store. As we were checking out Delaney brought my attention to the torrential downpour outside. None of us had jackets on and we did not have an umbrella. So, I began giving Delaney instructions about how to hold on to me while we made a run for it, and I would try to get the baby in the car first, then her and then unload the cart. After the week we have had it seemed like getting drenched would be the tipping point for me. As we were preparing for our mad dash a man and his wife approached us and kindly offered for the wife to stay in the store while her husband would take us out with his large umbrella. I protested for a minute, but then I reconsidered. So, as we went out he held the umbrella over the baby and I and Delaney gleefully splashed through the puddles. He helped me load my things. The entire time he was getting soaking wet. After I was settled in the car I got big tears in my eyes thinking of the kindness of this man and the difference it made in my day.

This is not the first time we have experienced this kind of outreach from people we do not know. During my pregnancy there was money that would literally appear in our mailbox from someone who heard from someone about our situation. This week we have received the most amazing outpouring of help looking for a new home from strangers who were forwarded an email about our need. This positive exchange of love in the circle of life does make a difference. Reaching outside of our world into the lives of others is an amazing opportunity to "entertain angels unaware."

Thank you for the kindness of strangers. Help me to be seeking my own opportunities to minister to others in this way.

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