Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Almost Everything She Was

Two years ago tonight Dan and I renewed our wedding vows. I cannot imagine having gone through the recent challenges we have without the foundation of that special night. I am sitting here reflecting on how our relationship has grown and flourished. I can honestly say I knew very little about what real love was when we first married seven and a half years ago and certainly did not understand what the commitment meant.

I began to find peace and happiness in our relationship when I finally learned to take the focus off my wants and needs and give myself over to really loving Dan and trying to meet his. When I began investing the time and energy Dan deserved a huge shift in our marriage took place. An amazing thing happened when I focused on the good in Dan and ALL he was to me instead of what he wasn't. Like everything real gratitude touches, Dan and his love became more than enough.

Dan is funny. When I get too serious, which can be often, he is always there to make me laugh and keep perspective. Dan is gentle and forgiving. Two and a half years ago I hurt Dan in the deepest place by looking outside our marriage for what I thought I needed. He forgave me, and not once has he ever reminded me of his hurt. This reminds me of God's love. He is a hugger. Our hugs are like a battery pack for my soul. Dan has no personal ambition higher than being a good husband to me and loving our girls with all his heart and life. I used to wish he wanted more professional or personal success, but now I am so thankful his priorities are exactly where they mean the most. Dan knows from losing his mother as a young boy that people are the most important thing and everything else can fall away. Dan cherishes me in small gestures everyday. He picks up small duties to lighten my load. He leaves me love notes where I will find them at the perfect time, and in so many other little ways he takes the time to nurture me. He lets me know how beautiful he thinks I am and tells me how much he appreciates exactly who I am. He understands my needs. He gladly makes sure I have time to rest and to be alone and recharge so I can be a better wife and mother. These are just a few of the many things I am grateful Dan is to me.

Dan bought me a Story People (see links on the right) sculpture for my 30th birthday. I love it! It says, "He loved her for almost everything she was, and that was enough for her to let him stay for a very long time."

Thank you for the amazing gift of my Dan. Please keep our marriage strong and bless our commitment to one another and our family.

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