Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just another patch

Finding some of my dear books is one of the blessings of this move. I had been ripping boxes open at the old house and could not unearth my copy of Sue Bender's book Plain and Simple anywhere. Today I found it, and I sat on the basement floor and skimmed the well worn pages for the underlined words I had been missing.

At the end of the book she likens our lives to the different patches on a quilt. She writes, "The biggest surprise--and it came as a great revelation--was understanding that whatever happens, no matter how catastrophic or wonderful, it's just another patch. . . Life's all about moving your patches around."

Thank you for the patches of life and the grace you give while moving them. As I stand back and look at the pattern of my life I marvel at Your stitches of perfect love holding each of my days together.

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Rochelle said...

Isn't our God so gracious! And won't it be spectacular at the end of this life, to look down at the beautiful work of art, the quilt of our lives, and see His handiwork! I am grateful today for the wondrous colors your life displays as you have faced this new challenge of moving again! Love always, Rochelle