Sunday, July 13, 2008


I received this email from my sister tonight, and it sent me straight to my Bible to read the story of the widow and Elijah.

Dear Mon--I know that our God is an all knowing, all powerful, sovereign, Heavenly Father, but after I talked to you this evening I was just praying and asking God, "Why Lord? Why again? Why them again? Enough already!" When you hurt, I hurt. I just didn't see what good could could possibly come from this. Then as I put Avery to bed and was reading to him from Leading Little Ones to God, the chapter we read tonight was on faith and the widow woman. She was preparing to use her last little bit of flour and oil, during a time of famine, to make a last meal for her and her son. How frightened she must have been to know, "This is it!" I have nothing left to feed myself, but more importantly my child. I wonder what was going through her mind! AND THEN, God sent Elijah, to ask her to give of what little bit she had left to him. How could God ask more of her? How unfair for Him to expect this? No one would have blamed her if she had said, "I'm sorry, but this is all I have!" God tested her to the limit! After I read this, and I thought about your family and the past year. God has definitely seemed to test you to the limit! But in the story of the widow, she gave and had faith in spite of her circumstances, and the flour and oil never ran out. She got her miracle! It doesn't say she ever had a lot or was wealthy because of her faithfulness, but she always had enough to meet their needs! I hope this will encourage you tonight! It challenged me to trust God not only for myself, but for those I love as well. I love you and hold you up before Him tonight! Hope you feel better. Because of Him, Rochelle

Thank you for my sister, Rochelle, tonight and her words of encouragement pointing me to Your faithfulness.

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