Sunday, July 13, 2008

God Will Make a Way

My sister Rochelle brought me a little wooden sign with the above statement on it while I was in the hospital. Every morning I woke to read that sign on my nightstand. Some days I believed. Other days I could not find my way through my own pain and doubt to really KNOW there was going to be deliverance.

During our most recent trial of losing our home I received an email from a lady from our church. This is what she wrote: "A word of encouragement to you - do not allow yourself to be discouraged. This really is a choice of yours, you can choose to trust our Lord to bring you the answer that He already knows or you can choose to not trust Him and be discouraged. We really don' t have to give in to our emotions - we should be directing them instead of them directing us. When it comes right down to it, anxiety, worry and discouragement don't change reality. Now be encouraged that if Christ is your Savior - you are His child and He has promised that everything will work for your good and His glory. He is not abandoning you, He is no less with you now that He was with you before you received this news. Instead of choosing to worry - choose to praise Him with a heart of gratitude. When you are discouraged, because you probably will be - we are human and our old nature still affects us, lift up your concerns to Him with thanksgiving and He will be quick to restore the peace in your mind and heart that will allow you to do the "next thing". In His perfect timing He will bring you to the answer. Try to remember that the answer is already established - it is just that YOU don't know what it is yet. Work to praise our Lord now, when the answer is not yet disclosed to you, with the same heart and passion that you will praise Him with when the answer is known to you. He is no less powerful and loving when there are unknowns in your life." What really stuck out to me in her words was the reminder that God already had the answer. The light at the end of the tunnel was always there.

Today I received an email from our CFO that I would not receive my paycheck on Tuesday as I normally would because she did payroll a day early and did not receive my time sheet in time. I was at first angry. I mean, it's a VERY small company. Didn't she realize mine was missing and couldn't she have sent me an email? We live paycheck to paycheck. I am counting diapers and scoops of formula until Tuesday morning when I will run to the store to get groceries. Bills are already mailed. I raised my heart to my God and asked Him, "What are you doing?" I only indulged for a few short moments before He quieted my heart, "Be still, my child, I will make a way!" I brushed my tears away. Bills have gone unpaid. Creditors have called. Checks have bounced. There is no shame in the place that God has brought us. I am trusting in God's faithfulness. He has already provided an answer.

What a blessing to be so humbled. What a gift to go from six figures and financial "freedom" to this day to day dependence on my Yahewh-jireh, my Provider. I imagine Him smiling as He sees Satan being defeated this morning. My day will not be wasted in worry. I will trust and obey.

Thank you, God, for helping me to grow in faith when it comes to Your provision. Thank you for always making a way!

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Rochelle said...

Yes, HE will make a way! Holding you up as always in our prayers! Love ya! Rochelle