Wednesday, July 9, 2008


In his book Emblems of the Holy Spirit, F.E. Marsh shares the following thoughts:

In every life There’s a pause that is better than onward rush, Better than hewing, or mightiest doing; ‘Tis the standing still at sovereign will. There’s a hush that is better than ardent speech, Better than sighing, or wilderness crying; ‘Tis the being still at sovereign will. The pause and the hush sing a double song In unison low, and for all time long. O, human soul. God’s working plan goes on, nor needs the aid of man, Stand still, and see, Be still, and know.”

Before I head up to bed I sit here joyfully praying for a friend who just emailed me. She has been in the darkest of places, and I have been blessed to see the tiny rays of light peak through her clouds. I see her finding the joy and peace that comes from REALLY KNOWING God loves her. I see her going to the same still place I meet my Savior and finding REST.

Thank you, God, for capturing this dear one with Your amazing grace and never letting go. Make her a trophy for You.

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my house by the river said...

Monika: I found your website thru Holy Experience. I really have enjoyed your site. It is quite soothing.

I would like to say that unfortunately, when we tend to go to that dark place that our minds takes us, we tend to forget the love of our Savior. He is our light and our way. I am glad that your friend is finding that light. May it continue to shine on her and keep her in the right path.

many blessings,