Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Gifts

50. Sidewalk chalk and the masterpieces it creates.
51. Family game time, our new favorite is Yahtzee!
52. The farmer's market and the yummy treasures we find there.
53. Playing on Grandma's new carpet.
54. Cousin fun with Eliana at Pump it Up!
55. Garden gates and the beautiful places they lead us.
56. My niece Mia and her big running hug to greet me after being apart too long.
57. Ferris wheels.
58. Shrimp on the barbie.

59. Sparklers, pop-its and 4th of July fireworks, summer rites of passage.
60. Banana splits and living so close to Milk and Honey we can walk.
61. Carnival rides and a daddy willing to get really sick so the kids can enjoy.
62. Playing with a puppy named Brady.
63. A bunny living in our new backyard because God knew we would miss the chippies and bunnies at our old house.
64. Sink baths.


Anonymous said...

You can walk to Milk and Honey!?!? No fair!! hehe....I LOOOOOOVE that place. I love the pictures! Thank you!

Amy said...

I was wondering if you had some pics of our visit in Bay up here - so glad I found them! I still can't believe Dan went on all those rides with the kids :)