Friday, May 30, 2008

Some people come into our lives . . .

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for while, leave footprints in our hearts, and we are never the same."

Delaney graduated from Kindergarten on Wednesday morning. This is a picture of her with her dear teacher, Mrs. Vaudrin. When I think of all the changes and uncertainty my brave girl went through this past year I immediately think of this amazing woman. Laurie stepped in as a surrogate mother to Delaney while she was living here, and I was in the hospital. Although she was dealing with so many trials of her own, including aging parents and her own husband's health problems, she always took the extra time to champion Delaney, to comfort her when she was lonely or afraid and love her. I know Delaney will never forget her.

I truly believe the first years of education are the most critical. They provide the foundation for how our children feel about learning and how they perceive themselves academically and socially. Delaney has been so blessed to not only have two amazing years at White Flint Montessori, molding her into a kind friend, a confident leader and diligent learner, but now this year at Lake Center reinforcing those qualities with an even greater message of God's love.

At the graduation each child was not only recognized for academic achievements but given a certificate for a character trait they specifically exemplify. I loved this focus on not just what they are learning but who they are becoming as people. Delaney's character trait was "cheerfulness." My mom and I joke often about how Delaney is like a little bird, chirping from the first moment she wakes in the morning. I felt so proud because, as much as I worry about how the many changes of our life may have affected her, I see how happy she is and no mother could really ask for more!

Thank you for Mrs. Vaudrin and her lasting ministry to mine and other's children. I am so grateful for my dear daughter, so full of joy and the love of life. Please protect her tender heart as she grows.

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