Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life with Laney Jayne

Our sweet girl Laney has had such a full life lately. Friday she handed in a beach house she and Dan made together. The project instructions were to study different kinds of homes from around the world and choose one to build from recycled materials found around our house. Of course, the best house Delaney could imagine was the Avon, NC beach house we stayed in for her fourth birthday with 15 bedrooms and an elevator! She was so proud.

Yesterday was such a fun day for her. She and my mom ran, that's right, RAN, a one mile race together. Delaney said loudly to my mom as they crossed the finish line mid way in the pack, "You're a pretty fast runner for an old lady!" When they returned home they spent some time hanging out in the hammock in our back yard. My dad was here helping mow our very large yard since Dan had to work and then he and mom took Laney to buy two swings for our swing set. She has already spent hours back there swinging her heart out! Later last night my mom came back over to watch the girls so Dan and I could have a date and she got even more time with her grandma.

Only two more days of school left. She will graduate Kindergarten on Wednesday morning. All I can say sometimes is "What a kid!" I watched her excitedly wash the cars with Dan today and then dig for worms and hold them in her hands. I watched as she helped me bake a cream cheese pound cake this evening, so thrilled to crack the eggs and hold the beaters. When we snuggled into bed I read her the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red from her big Grimm's treasury, and I watched her imagining the details because there are no pictures and could tell she was really in the forest with those girls.

Thank you for my girl, such a perfect mix of princess and tomboy; such a friend and companion; my love; my joy; my Laney.

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Rochelle said...

She is getting so big and grown up looking! It is such a joy to watch our children grow together, experience and learn new things, grow in there faith and become the special people God is wants them to be. A little piece of me always cringes though, wanting to hold on to the "little" Avery! All too soon they will be grown! Thanks for helping me cherish the moments! Love ya, Chelle