Saturday, May 24, 2008

If I Do Nothing Else

When Dan and I renewed our vows almost two years ago one of the lines I wrote that has been my mantra since is, "If I do nothing else but love you and Delaney well, it will be enough." Of course that includes our sweet Danica now. Thursday I was feeling overwhelmed by a multitude of things, not the least of which was the sense of my isolation with my work at home career and just feeling a little frumpy in general having had very little time or resources to spend on my outward appearance. My old real estate marketing friends were emailing me about the MAME celebration in DC that night which usually included for me a great dress and shoes, a hotel room, a wonderful dinner and drinks and a great time celebrating mine and other's professional accomplishments. I was also mourning with the Chapman family and made a play list with all Steven's music. The song "One little heartbeat at a time" came on and stopped me in my tracks.

Thank you for showing me that loving my family is MORE than enough for me right now and exactly what I should be doing.

Please play the montage below to hear the beautiful song.

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Rochelle said...

Mon--Thank you so much for sharing these amazing pictures and beautiful song, I have to get that CD! I needed it this morning! I know it was alot of work to make, thanks and thank you God for the privilege we have to mommy's! It is the most important job there is! Love ya! Rochelle