Friday, May 16, 2008

More Perfect Gifts

"Once you see the face of God, the world is forever transformed into His features" ~Peter Kreeft

26. Rainy days.
27. A pint of Haagen-Dasz Mango Sorbet.
28. Watching Laney play basketball with her daddy, dribbling and making shots, her confidence growing.
29. Possibilities.
30. Flying Kites.
31. Danica's first "snaggle tooth".
32. Hand-me downs.
33. Bubble baths.
34. The silliness that ensues after bubble baths.
35. Naps on rainy days like today, YAAWN.
36. Naps on ANY day.
37. Swings; My childhood memories of soaring high into the trees at Gypsy Hill Park; Watching Delaney learn to pump her legs and swing herself so high she feels free; Pushing Danica in her baby swing outside, planting the seed for her own love of swings!
40. My tweezers and strange obsession with hair removal, believe me you should be thankful for this too--remember my early 90's brow look?
41. Cleveland Indians baseball games.
42. Any baseball game.
43. "Mom, let's do art," from Delaney.
44. Playdoh.
45. A blank quilt square ready to be filled with a memory of Alice Snyder, Dan's mother, a mother I never met but somehow know so well.
46. QUIET. "Be still and know that I Am." No TV, No computer, No phone, No music, No voices--Can you hear Him?
47. Emptiness, because sometimes you have to rid your mind and heart of all clutter to make room for what truly matters.
48. Sanctuaries.
49. Memories. Can you imagine losing the very thoughts that make you who you are? Today I praise God for my mind and the ability to remember and reflect on my yesterdays creating such a peaceful today and hopeful tomorrow.

"I have heard of you by hearing of the ear, But now my eye sees You." Job 42:5

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