Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pain in Becoming

I just had to post this picture of my dear Dani Jean from Sunday night. What a week we have had since her accident. I have been thinking so much about the role that pain plays in our life-- physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have watched my little one hurting and finding her own ways to cope with her injury. I have prayed and cried as I had to cause her further pain by moving her neck where it did not want to go to aid in healing. It is completely unnatural to cause your child intentional pain. It made me think of my Heavenly Father and all the pain He has allowed in my life recently, and I understood His heart for me even more. I know how sad it makes Him to see me suffer as He bends and moves the muscles of my heart to make me whole for His glory. But His love reaches so far beyond my circumstances and temporary comfort to my eternal soul. I pray for this kind of Father love as I seek to parent my girls. I pray to learn to look beyond their instant gratification and childish wants and needs to the women God wants them to be. I pray for grace to train them up with a long term goal, realizing that pain is a critical part of the process in becoming all we are meant to be in Christ Jesus.

Thank You for lessons learned through pain, all grace from a loving Father.


Angie said...

Oh, dear friend. I have been praying and praying for sweet Danica and for you. She looks so pathetic... poor little thing. Praying for quick healing. And praising God that He bears our wounds so much deeper than we ever could. I love you.

Rochelle said...

I just adore this picture! It certainly sums up your week at a glance! I am so looking forward to cuddling her this weekend! Love and prayers as always, Aunt Chelle