Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Small Miracles

"Maybe I wrote Everyday Sacred to learn about miracles," I said in the prologue.

I wanted a big miracle, one that would last, but one of the characteristics of a big miracle, the kind I had hoped for, is "its sudden appearance and disappearance within the natural order." Instead, to my surprise, I began to discover the power of small things.

A friend made a pilgrimage to India. She saw many holy places, but her favorite was a mound made up of little pebbles, not one of them beautiful or exotic. For hundreds of years pilgrims had come to the site and each placed a tiny stone offering on the mound. The accumulation of these tiny stones became a "sacred" place.

I saw those little stones as stepping stones.

Stepping stones to a new way of seeing.

Small changes in behavior, attitude, feelings, can, like the little pebbles, add up to another kind of miracle. Small miracles do build up and they can last.

Everyday Sacred, Sue Bender

Thank You for the small miracles You bless me with everyday. Help me to open my eyes and my heart to see more clearly Your constant love and grace.

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