Sunday, October 26, 2008

How do people get rich?

I have been sleeping in Delaney's room the last two nights since she has been so sick. Last night as we were laying in the dark Delaney began a funny conversation that went like this.

"Mom, Does dad have to work again tomorrow?"
I answer her, "Yes, honey, daddy is working extra hours to help pay for our bills so we have a house to live in and food to eat."
There were a few moments of silence.
"I wish we were rich so you and dad never had to work and we could be a family all the time."
More silence
"How do people get rich anyway?"
I think for a moment. "Well, people have all different kinds of jobs that make different amounts of money. Mommy used to make a lot more money when I worked in real estate, but now I stay home to be with Danica and only work part time. Doctors and Attorneys make a lot of money but they have to go to school longer too. How much money you make is not as important as really liking your job."
Delaney says, "Well, how much does a dolphin doctor make?" (This is the profession she talks about the most.)
I answer, "I think marine biologists make pretty good money."
She quips back, "How long do they have to go to school?"
"Well, I will have to look that up, maybe only four years of college."
She says with all seriousness, "Ok, so that's January, February, March, April, and I would be done, right?"
I am laughing, "No honey, four YEARS, not MONTHS. We will have to pray about what God wants you to be when you grow up. Now get some sleep."


Angie said...

Oh, friend. I'm sorry your Laney has been sick. But what a sweet, funny little personality she has. I long for the day when I can experience her face to face. :) I LOVE you. All four of you.

Rochelle said...

Oh, I got a good laugh out of that girlie! She has such a way of putting things, wonder who she gets that from! I think she has maybe a little too much flair and pazazz for a dolphin doctor! Give her a hug for me! So, glad she is feeling better for both your sakes! I will pray with you that God will guide her steps as she grows to do His will!

Mom said...

I love you all dearly. What a joy to hear your heart to be a Godly mother in the converstions you and Delaney have. Line upon line and precept upon precept.