Saturday, October 4, 2008

In My Daughter's Eyes

A year ago today I saw my sweet baby girl, Danica Jean for the first time. She was born in the afternoon of October 3rd, but I did not get to see her until the afternoon of the next day. It seems strange to say the day your child was born was the worst day of your life, but it truly was. I think God knew I needed time before I could see this child as the gift she truly is. I needed a day to bridge the pain and confusion to why it was all worth it. I have loved the following song since Delaney was small, but the lyrics are perfect for Danica and I. Everything in my life and my heart was completely changed the day I found out she was growing inside me, and I know I will never be the same.

Thank You for this child and the amazing journey You took us on to make her life possible. Thank You for a year of health and happiness and love on top of love for our family. Thank You for the pure joy I feel every time I look into my Danica's eyes.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Danica!!!! I love that she was born sooo close to my birthday, too. It's so sweet to share a special day with her. I love you, Monica! Give her a big squeeze for me! *And Delaney, too!*

Amy said...

AJ, Mia and I just watched the video twice to enjoy all the pics of beautiful Danica (and the whole family) - we love the cupcake shot! Mia then asked to watch her butterfly video too - she loves that! We all so wish we could have been there for the big day - we hope you got the Happy Birthday song from the kids :) Can't wait to see you at Halloween. Kisses to the birthday girl and Delaney,
Love Amy, Mia and AJ (and DaDa)